A Word On Forgiveness

A Word On Forgiveness
November 10, 2017 Sophie Winter

Five words stamped on the side of a concrete wall I pass every morning on my walk to work. Five words that confused me the first time I saw them, angered me the second and peaked my curiosity the third.

How can you forgive someone who’s shown no remorse? And why would you want to?

After a bit (read: a lot) of thinking, I’ve come to the realisation that forgiveness doesn’t have to give the other person anything. You don’t have to let them know you’ve forgiven them, in fact, you shouldn’t. They don’t get to win, this is all for you.

By forgiving someone who hurt you, you’re freeing your own mind of the anger, anxiety or negativity that cripples you at the thought of their name and face. You’re letting go of what’s been damaging you and doing nothing to them.

While you’ll likely never forgive what they did or how much of an impact it had on your life, you need to forgive them in order to move on and be at peace with yourself.

Easier said than done, I know… Baby steps.


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