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Hey there, my name’s Sophie. profile-image

Thanks for taking the time to browse SRW Content. I built this website after quitting my full-time job as a Digital Marketing Manager, with intentions of continuing marketing work as a freelancer. However, my career did a complete 360 when I landed a job as a Conservation Ranger for Phillip Island Nature Parks. It was the best turn my life could have taken!

My day to day life changed entirely, I went from working 9-5 in an office to working evenings in the beautiful outdoors, being paid to protect our beautiful environment and native wildlife. I finally feel like my passion and purpose is being reflected in the everyday work I do.

Interested in how I got to this point? Here’s my backstory…

In 2015, I finished a Bachelor of Journalism, majoring in Communications. During my studies, I dabbled in a mix of print, digital and broadcast – working as a writer, editor, photographer and radio & TV presenter.

In my final year, a group of creative peers and I launched The Naked Mag; a print publication that educates its readers on the unsustainable and unethical practices of the fashion and textiles industry. We produced five magazines in three years before joining forces with Lanaa clothing share platform that celebrates women and urges consumers to consider the effects of their purchases.

In 2016, I squished my life into a backpack and moved to Barcelona to work as a content writer for an Australian tour company. While scooting around Europe reviewing festivals and writing research pieces on street eats wasn’t the most sustainable of lifestyles, I did shed light on some pretty barbaric cultural traditions.

I returned to Brisbane at the end of 2016 and landed a copywriting gig in a boutique digital marketing agency. After just a few months, I was promoted to Digital Marketing Manager. I learnt how to establish and nurture client relationships, devise and execute winning marketing strategies, manage business rebrands, build websites, write for SEO purposes, set up and track outbound advertising campaigns, and so much more. But somewhere along the way, I lost my passion for writing. My content no longer meant anything, besides getting my clients the best possible ROI. I felt uninspired and my motivation for doing what I love was slowly dwindling.

In June 2018, I decided it was time to leave the rat race so I bought a ’97 Ford Econovan and set off down Australia’s East Coast. Along the way, I joined Sea Shepherd beach cleans, volunteered for Wilderness Society Australia, and searched like crazy for paid conservation-related work (and found PINP).

Now, I’m pretty nestled on Phillip Island; studying Wildlife Conservation, meeting incredible change-makers and working alongside like-minded, passionate humans. Every day is different but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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