My Personal Story

A glimpse into the life of the human behind this keyboard

I was once told ~ “if your story changes just one person’s perspective or helps heal just one person’s heart, it’s worth sharing”. So I began writing…

Hey, my name’s Sophie. I’m a mid-twenty-year-old freelancer with a zest for travel and slow living. As you’ll discover over here, I’m incredibly passionate about equal rights, animal welfare, environmental sustainability and much more. But before I dig too deeply into any of that…


Who am I to claim my content is worthy of your reading? Here’s a little backstory.

In 2015, I completed a Bachelor of Journalism with a minor in Media & Comms. During my studies, I dabbled in a mix of print, digital and broadcast – working as a writer, editor, photographer and radio & TV presenter.

In my final year, a group of creative peers and I launched The Naked Mag; a publication that educates its readers on the unsustainable and unethical practices of the fashion and textiles industry. We produced five magazines for over three years.

In 2016, I squished my life into a backpack and moved to Barcelona to work as a content writer for a tour guide company. Galavanting around Europe reviewing festivals and writing research pieces about street eats – boy was that a hoot.

I returned to Brisbane at the end of 2016 and landed a copywriting job in a digital marketing agency. After just a few months, I was promoted to a Marketing Manager position. I learnt how to establish and nurture client relationships, devise and execute digital marketing strategies, manage business rebrands, build websites, write for SEO purposes, set up and track outbound advertising campaigns and so much more.

But somewhere along the way, I lost my passion for writing. My content no longer meant anything, besides getting my clients the best possible ROI. I felt uninspired and my motivation for doing what I love was slowly dwindling.

In June 2018, I decided to take a break from the rat race, so I left my full-time gig, bought a campervan and set off travelling down Australia’s East Coast. You can follow my travels on Instagram @sophierwinter.

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