Projects and Initiatives

Current Projects

Aussie Bread Tags For Wheelchairs

I can’t take credit for being the brains behind this incredible operation but I have set up collection points around Australia, and am working hard on spreading the word at community events and online.

What’s it all about?
Bread Tags for Wheelchairs is a community program where individuals and organisations collect bread tags and drop them to be sold to plastics moulding companies. 100% of the funds from selling the tags are used to buy wheelchairs for people in need (purchased through local pharmacies).

It started in South Africa in 2006, with Zibo recycling the plastics into seedling trays and picture frames, but has recently spread to Australia, after the incredible South Australian company Transmutation jumped onboard.

Not only does this initiative help out humans who otherwise cannot afford a wheelchair, but it also saves millions of microplastics from entering our oceans. Bread tags (similar to many other polystyrene items) are unable to be processed by commercial recycling systems, so regardless of which coloured bin you place them in, they will be sent to landfill.

How can you help?
Ideally, avoiding these items is the best solution, but if this is unachievable for you right now, collect them up and find your nearest drop-off location on our map here.

bread tags

Plastic Free Phillip Island & San Remo

Another initiative that I can’t take credit for starting but have jumped onboard with since my move to Phillip Island.

What’s it all about?
Plastic Free Phillip Island & San Remo is a community-driven initiative that educates, unites and empowers locals to choose reusable alternatives to single-use plastics.

Our dedicated group of volunteers run beach cleans around the island, and provide tools and support to assist local businesses and individuals to make these positive changes simply and effectively.

How can you help?
By starting a similar group in your own community! All it takes is a bit of encouragement for people to make the switch to reusables, and it’s ever so rewarding watching the stats of plastic saved from landfill rise as more businesses jump onboard.

plastic free phillip island

Photo by Photo Rangers

Past Projects

Palm Oil Investigation / BOS Australia

What’s it all about?
In June 2015, I travelled to Borneo, Malaysia. I was eager to visit the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and learn how I could help the plight of wild orangs. One bus trip from Sabah to Sandakan was all it took for me to realise just how horrific the situation was. (read more about that here).

I returned home and promised myself I’d boycott all consumer items that contained palm oil, but after doing some freelance work for BOS Australia and delving deeper into the issue, I realised (like many) it’s not a simple one. In Australia, palm oil does not need to be labelled transparently, so can be hidden under a number of different names, if mentioned at all.

How can you help?
1. Sign this petition urging the government to change our labelling laws for palm oil
2. Do your own research (or just read this great summary from the Orangutan Foundation) & shop consciously
3. Donate your time or money to organisations working to change the future of orangutans and many other beautiful animals affected by palm oil production (again, make sure you do your research first – there are unfortunately always going to be scam organisations out there).

The Wilderness Society’s Deforestation Monitoring Program

What’s it all about?
The Wilderness Society Australia is a grassroots, not-for-profit group fighting to change Australia’s deforestation regulations and save native wildlife from extinction. I joined the movement in 2015, initially helping with land clearing campaigns and community organising, before assisting with the launch of Queensland’s Watch My Wilderness program.

Using satellite imagery on a Google Maps site, Watch My Wilderness allowed members of our team to monitor individual areas of land and report any signs of suspicious clearing.

How can you help?
Join the movement by following The Wilderness Society’s campaigns and staying up to date on Australia’s land clearing situation. Click here to see how you can help in your local area.

wilderness society qld

Undress Runways & The Naked Mag

What’s it all about?
Undress Runways was founded by an incredible human and one of my close friends, Edda Hamar. It’s a runway that showcases sustainable and ethical fashion designers.

I joined the Undress team in 2014 and in 2015 we released our first issue of The Naked Mag – a small publication that aims to educate western society on the behind-the-scenes of the fashion industry and explain why we need to stop consuming clothing (and other mass-produced items) at the rate we are.

How can you help?
By choosing to shop consciously. Only buy what you need, when you need it. Shop at op shops or swap clothes with friends. Visit Ethical Clothing Australia to find manufacturers with high ethical standards and boycott brands that aren’t transparent.